About us

Avia-GIS NV "Agriculture and Veterinary Information and Analysis" is a Belgian SME founded in 2001 that specializes in the collection, processing and analysis of spatial information as a basis for the development of data driven space-time information systems (STIS) applied to veterinary and public health in general and (emerging) zoonoses and vector-borne diseases (VBD) in particular. We focus on the application of state of the art techniques that broaden the scope of conventional analyses and help bridge the gap between research and decision-making including: geographical information systems (GIS), spatial modelling and analysis, earth observation and satellite navigation.
Avia-GIS is active in two main domains: (1) optimized health information systems and (2) precision pest management solutions. Within these domains Avia-GIS offers a range of services to research teams, governmental agencies, international organizations and the industry. These include: software, database and mobile applications development/maintenance; research and technical development; consulting; and capacity building. Our products generate high quality data, save time and reduce costs.
Guy Hendrickx
Managing director

Guy Hendrickx, DVM, PhD, is a spatial epidemiologist with over 25 years’ experience. He is CEO of Avia-GIS which he established in 2001. He is particularly interested in bridging the gap between research and decision making in the field of spatial decision support systems applied to animal and public health.

Els Ducheyne
Scientific director

Els Ducheyne, MSc, PhD, is CTO of Avia-GIS which she joined in 2005. She is an agricultural engineer specialized in the use of GIS and spatial modelling for optimized resource management. In Avia-GIS she is in charge of delineating scientific strategies and developing technological prototypes that lead to state-of-the-art spatial decision support systems.

Leen Van Gorp
Human Resources

Leen Van Gorp joined Avia-GIS in 2005. She works part-time for Avia-GIS and is in charge of human resources (HR) management and administration.

Bart de Groot
IT Director

Bart de Groot, BSc, CSM, is CIO of Avia-GIS which he joined in 2006. He is Bachelor in Applied Computer Science with a focus on software engineering. He is in charge of managing the IT department, coordinating software development projects in-house, and with international external partners and sub-contractors.

Veerle Versteirt

Veerle Versteirt , MSc, PhD, is a biologist with over 12 years’ experience, specialized in medical entomology and ecology. She joined Avia-GIS in 2012 as COO of the Precision Pest Management Unit. She develops tailored solutions for pest control adding to the in-house expertise on spatial information systems, database management and pest control decision tools.

Wesley Tack
Vector Ecologist

Wesley Tack , MSc, PhD, bioscience engineering, is an expert in forest conversion and its impact on tick populations. He joined Avia-GIS in 2012 as vector ecologist and is responsible for the technical and scientific support in projects focusing on veterinary and medical vectors of disease.

Konstantinos Theodorakos
IT Specialist

Konstantinos Theodorakos, BSc, is a Software Developer - Network / Hardware Technician who is specialized in the development of server /desktop software applications and database migration tools, online Drupal based data repository systems, system architecture design based on user needs and requirements, software development for spatial data analysis, and network management. He joined Avia-GIS in 2013.

Software Developer

Tom Matheussen, BSc, is a Software Developer. He is a Bachelor of Electronics-ICT with a focus on electronics. He is in charge of maintaining and updating websites, developing web applications and designing/ implementing wireless sensor networks. He joined Avia-GIS in 2014.

Roger Venail
Vector Control

Roger Venail, MSc, PhD, is a vector control specialist. He joined Avia-GIS in 2016 and provides technical and scientific support to the Avia-GIS vector control products and services.

Tobias Suter
Vector Control

Tobias Suter, MSc, PhD, is a vector entomologist specialized in the surveillance and control of invasive mosquito species. He joined Avia-GIS in 2016 and provides support to the Avia-GIS vector control products and services.

Mina Petrić

Mina Petrić, MSc Meteorology, is a PhD student with focus on vector population dynamics modelling. She works with the design and implementation of meteorological wireless sensor networks (WSN). She joined Avia-GIS in 2016.

Fatima Hammouqah
Business Development Manager

Fatima Hammouqah, MBA, is a multinational Business Development Manager with experience in digital solutions and product design. She joined Avia-GIS in 2016 and is in charge of growing Avia-GIS’s business and monetizing its solutions. Her ambition is to contribute to the welfare of human beings through her work.

Matisse Hendrickx
Junior Webmaster

Matisse Hendrickx, joined Avia-GIS in 2016 as junior web master. He is in charge of building and maintaining the Avia-GIS websites

Jenna Bowker
CEO South African Avia-GIS Regional HUB

Jenna Bowker, MSc, joined Avia-GIS in 2017 as CEO of the South African Avia-GIS Regional HUB. Her responsibilities include the general management and development of the Regional Hub with the vision of expanding the HUB’s operations into Sub-Saharan Africa.

Cedric Marsboom
Spatial Analist

Cedric Marsboom, MSc, joined Avia-GIS in 2017 as a spatial analyst. He is in charge of VECMAP product support and provides technical support to the company’s consulting and contract research projects.